Which I studied last year in my German class, and thought all too fitting. written by Erich Kaestner in the 20s about–you guessed it–Berlin. Since side-by-side translation is awkward to format, the translation is below.

Annoyed, they stand in Potsdamer Platz
and think Berlin’s too loud.
The night glows and pulses in kilowatts.
A woman says hoarsely, “come here, my love!”
And shows an outrageous amount of skin.

They’re so astonished they can’t tell out from in
They can only stand and wonder.
The streetcars roar. The cars scream by.
They wish they’d stayed at home inside,
And think Berlin’s too big.

It seems the city is groaning,
as if it’s being scolded.
The houses twinkle. The U-Bahn drones.
They’re not at all used to this,
And think Berlin’s too wild.

Their legs are bowed in fear.
They do everything so backwards!
They smile in shock. They stand and wait dumbly.
And stand around at  Potsdamer Platz,
Until they get run down.