(or: Will I have to boycott EVERY airport in Europe?)

Sometimes, you go on a trip to Germany. And sometimes, the Lufthansa workers are on strike. So you don’t fly Lufthansa, you fly Delta. But somehow, your plane still doesn’t get repaired, so your flight is delayed 3 hours. Which stinks, but THEN you remember that you’re supposed to make a very tight connection in NYC. Since you don’t know what to do, you decide to call your family–that is, until you remember that it is, in fact, 4 AM in the Fatherland. So what do you do instead? You go to the ATM and then treat yourself to Starbucks. After all, nothing boosts morale like a tall chai frappuccino no whip. BUT, it turns out, this starbucks doesn’t even have chai frap. As you dejectedly sip your caramel latte, you decide that the chailessness of Tegel Airport is an ill omen not at all unlike the Grim. This suspicion is confirmed when you discover that the flight has been cancelled. Gestrichen worden. (And when I asked at the information desk whether the flight had been delayed or cancelled, I asked, “Ist Flug 79 spaet oder gestricken worden?” This earned me a quizzical look, because I had asked, “Is flight 79 late or knitted?” Machine crocheted, actually.)

After much kicking and screaming in the Creole of the first world (Deunglisch, that is), I got a hotel, baggage, a new flight–although they gave me no indication of which flight it was, when it was, whether I had a connection to ATL…thanks for sleuthing, mom!

At 10.00 the next morning, I said my final Auf Wiedersehen to currywurst and legal drinking. Other than being two ahours longer than the other 6 flights I’ve taken in this route, the flight was uneventful; hte greatest excitemenet lay int he food–some things never change.

So now I’m in NYC, surrounded by rute Yankees and Sbarro (really? It’s New York, and that’s the best pizza you can find?). After deciding that Sbarro pizza is not worth the effort expended in transferring the food from fork to lips, I tossed it and went to Starbucks. This time, though, I didn’t risk the frap.