Particularly for lunch, which we had today. They put a smile on my face and hemoglobin in my arteries.

We got our certificates of completion this morning, and then we had competitions in Name That tune, tongue twisters (“Kluge Katzen kratzen keine Krokodile”), arm wrestling, and inentifiying famous buildings in Berlin. I didn´t do any of them, but I actually knew more of the songs than I thought I would–I shouldhave done that. oh well. Then we watched a slideshow, got the course newspapers, etc.#

Some of my friends are goign to a Baroque art gallery. They asked me to come, but I couldn´t do that to myself on my last day in Berlin.

Normally, I wait til the end of the day to blog, but since I most likely won´t be at the computer tongiht, and since it´s raining (thus postponing my stroll), I´ll go ahead and outline the rest of the day in future tense.

at 9.00 tonight, we´re going to the biergarten we went to on the first day (aww, full circle!). After that Iya, a million Italians, Myrtille, and I are having a Nutella party in Carlotta´s room. We´ve been pilfering Nutella pacekts from breakfast for over a week (Izabela and I alone have collected 19–theýre hiding in her wardrobe behind her makeup), and Carlotta somehow managed to steal a 1 liter bottle of tea from the Goethe office yesterday.

The party will lst al night, because the Italians are all flying home together on a plane that leaves at 6am. THe´ve booked taxis for 3.00. yuck.