1. “I don´t know how to turn on a ceiling fan.” –Izabela

2. Blackboard+magnet. Need I say more?

3. The pedestrian traffic signals look like charlie chaplin!

4. Did you know that only the English (and americans, apparently) drink their tea with milk?

5. They don´t have waterfountains. So, for instance, if you´re at an art museum and dying of thirst, you go to The Public Restroom. For the sake of my dear readers, I will refrain from voicing any of the jokes that come to mind…

6. The fact that no matter how I insist on speaking German with store clerks, they always answer in English. Always.

7. It´s been 3 weeks since I saw juice (i apply the term very loosely) that began its life in an orchard, not a chem lab.

8. Who else, besides Aletto Youth Hotel, would try to pass off chicken curry as a “traditional German dish”?

9. Only here do people pull over in the middle of a bike ride for a smoke break.

10. If you have a hunk of cheese on your plate (such as Brie), it´s perfectly acceptable to eat it off your knife.

11. googeln-transitive verb. ” to google.” ex: Ich habe Donald Trump gegoogelt.

12. There seems to be at least 1 pomeranian per citzen of berlin. I don´t understand. Pomeranians are ugly and annoying regardless of what country you´re in.