50% attendance in class today–way to end the course with a bang! In addition to oddles of pointlessness, we watched the beginning of an exceedingly racist movie called Kebab Connection. It involves a Turkish guy who, in between making kung-fu movies, gets his German girlfriend pregnant, causing a snafu of culture-clash “hilarity”.

After lunch (spätzle!) (fruit!) (mozarella-basil sandwiches!), I sat on my bum until I finally worked up the energy to go to the Musical Instrument museum. Once I got un-lost (how one gets lost on the way from Potsdamer Platz to the Sony Center, I don´t know), I took a bajillion pictures of pianos, a trumpet that had been used in war (and looked the part), and a little grindy organ, circa 1913 Berlin, monkey not included. The collection was more extensive than I had expected, but also less informative. They had little pamphlets lying around the room that you could take, and they requested that you put 5 cents per pamphlet in the box on the way out. Well, I didn´t see a box,  and I didn´t want to ask the receptionist (bouncer?), who was less than friendly. So I surrepticiously left a nickel (is it called that in Europe?) on top of a stack of brouchures. I hope that doesnt´count as stealing.

Then I leapt upon the U´Bahn to go to KaDeWe (have I mentioned it before? Big department store, very famous) (yes, you read that correctly–I went shopping! with a very specific, edible goal in mind) and proceeded to get very, very lost in its 7 (!!) stories of junk nobody needs. All the signs swore that the store carried yarn, but neither I nor the elevators believed that the craft section could really be located on Floor -1.

The whole group is going bowling tonight. Izabela´s already organized a team of the worst bowlers at Goethe-Institut (for once I´m not the last one to be picked for a team!). Let´s hope I don´t beat my all-time low score of 8.

Oh, one more thing: On the way from the u´bahn station today, I´m pretty sure I saw a transsexual walking a chihuahua. And having spent 3 weeks in Berlin, I wasn´t in the least bit surprised.


Bowling=hilarious, since half of our team had never been before (Iza and I had to teach them how to hold the ball!), so I won!! Quite exciting. But in Germany, you pay hourly instead of by the game, so we didn´t get to finish our game. Poo.