I just wanted to leave one fact to make my mother worry: I have 3 days left, and only one (clean) shirt. This could be interesting.

In other news, we did a partner assignment today where we had to present a story from the radio news to the class. My partner was Jenny, and our news story was about dangerous levels of uranium in German tapwater (don´t worry–not Berlin). After each group had presented, we read the stories into a tape recorder to record our own broadcast.  However, Arno was unable to read the notes he had made, so on the playback tape, we had areas of silence interjected by Brigitte´s prompting: “and in the SPD today, the … uh….. ::silence:: (whispered: Bundestag!) “oh, ja. Bundestag…”

…I guess you had to be there.

After class, I went tot he Berliner Cathedral, and Mathilde and I went on a walk through the Nikolaiviertel, the oldest section of Berlin. I was exceedingly tired and only went out of courtesy, figuring it couldn´t last longer than an hour. That was at 3.00. At 7.30, we returend to the ho0tel, having explored 3 souveneir shops (you know how I love those), 3 churches, a store of jewelry and things that smell, a “vairy preetty ´´ouse with vairy eenteresting ahrcheetechtu´´e” (oh, the french…), some french monument, a cafe… I´m never going walking with her again. That “walk” was almost as bad as… dun dun dunnn… SHOPPING.

When we (finally) returned, dinner made everything better: veggie meatballs! (vegballs?) Then a group (Carlotta, Christina, Francesco, Rania, Elisa, Izabela, and others) went out for ice cream. Then we fooleed around at the Holocaust memorial (I know, I know…. but it´s not our fault it´s the biggest open space within walking distance!) and went home.