Why do I compulsively pack early?

I packed 2 weeks early for GHP; and had to spend the interim in one of the 2 outfits that didn´t brave the Valdosta heat. Ditto Germany, but 1 week in advacne, and I was usually wearing breeches and boots anyway.

Now I´m trying to pack the stuff I´m not going ot need in Berlin anymore. That is to say, nothing. But still, I keep opening the suitcase, inserting jumbled mess, removing jumbled mess to find my toothbrush.

it poured last night, and stopped just before I left for class. Looks like it´s moving out now, which is good, because I want neither to get wet, nor to sit around the hotel all day.

Went to the Oranienburgberstraße (it´s something straße…) Synagogue. It was gutted and burend by arsonists at the beginning of nayitime, and then bombed. They didnt´reconstruct it until 1990 (bombed 1943), and now it´s a museum, like al lthe synagogues here. They have Shabbat here this Friday (it´s kind of sporadic), and I was going to go, but we´re going to a Biergarten instead.

Went to sleep at 8:15. Good idea.