10 € monopoly if you can name the author of that quote.

Today is best summed up in a schedule, I think:

9.00 wake up by ALARM!!

11.00 Meet in courtyard for bikeride.

11.45 Follow Matze aimlessly around Berlin, because the address where the bike rentals SHOULD have been was, in fact, a dentist´s office.

12.00 We found it! Off we go, me on a too-big bike. I proceeded to fall off (literally) every time we stopped. Passed the Brandenburger Tor and stopped at a Soviet WWII memorial, the second biggest war memorial in the world.

2.00 Stopped at a sketchy imbiss for lunch. I didn´t trust their nasty food, so I went to a produce stand and bought a banana (bana. Bananana?). Got harassed by a yellowjacket–the same one–for 40 minutes.

2.40 off we go! Ride along the ex-wall, through a park, by a river. See a dog that looks JUST LIKE WOLFIE. Proceed to fall off bike.

4.15 Return bikes, go home by foot (which I didn´t know was possible). Iyabela and I stop to buy Mandelhörnchen, which is German for “almondy deliciousness dipped in chocolate”.

5.00 We depart, she for Potsdamer Platz, and I for church. I leave an hour´s cushion, since you never know how long it´s goign to take to get somewehre by u-bahn.  I also pased through the sketchiest u´bahn station of my life. The lighting was orange, the paint on the byzantine-style mosaic walls was wet, and I was THE ONLY SOUL IN THE WHOLE STATION: It was  very Stephen King.

5.26 arrive at Marienkirche. So much for that hour cushion.It´s full of tourists, so I join them in pictu´re-taking plaque-reading madness.

5.50 M;eet Fr. Whatshisface. He says Hi to father Sanlinddlin (durn keyboard).

6.00 Service starts. Congregation of 32 people, 2 clergy, 1 choir member (or would that just be singer?), and 0 ACOLYTES. yes, you read that correctly–not a single one of our smiling faces to light the way to the credence table. THe hymnals also had no music–jsut words. But all the hymns were ones we sing, anyway. ANd I decided that church services conducted by Brits are impossible to take seriously.

7.03 church ends! I would like to point out that at HTP, we don´t even start the sermon til 11.00. Here, teh sermon started 16 minutes in.

7.35 Finally found the uáhn station. Ran to catch the train, which arrived at the same time as me. I was at the very front, so I could watch Mr. Conductorman do his thing. That was particularly fun when we stopped randomly several times, making me fear that the dementors had arrived to steal our souls. Then at one stop, the conductor got out and disappeared for 10 minutes. ´Twas very strange.

8.00 Food! Vegetable-potato mush. I have to say, it´s growing on me.

8.30 Meet Bruno (Swityerland-Italian), Rania (Egypt), Izabela (Po-Land), and eventually Elisa (Italy) for more haagen-dazs. Macademia nut sundae. whooooo. Elisa, being jaded by the glorious food of her country, was disgusted. Played on huge metal seesaws in Potsdamer platz. Got strange looks from passersby.

11.00 Back home, after stopping at the Shell station to lose the drunkards that were following us an acting in a threatening manner.

12.00 Discuss English literature–Iyaela hates the Great Gatsby, and she thought i´d never heard of Death of a Salesman. I was insulted. FInally went to sleep.