All the green and lovely things have not left Germany–just Berlin. Now, fresh produce, I´m still working on…

Neither Izabela nor I particularly wanted to come to Dresden, since the Potsdam trip was so utterly pointless. So when it began to rain just before we went to bed, we agreed that if it was still raining i nthe morning, we would stay home. A t7.40, I was awoken by a thundereclap and the accompanying torrential downpour. We decided to go anywaay. It´s actually pretty here, although Izabela disagrees–for some reason she finds Berlin prettier. Something about the streets being cleaner…I guess shards of beer bottles don´t count as dirty in Izabelaland. All the houses (ok, most of htem) have these gardens that are teeming with a bajillion types of plants–oh, did I mention that a garden down the street from our hotel is growing the same kind of beans I am (Purple Burgundy Bush Beans, I believe)? Just an Interesting Cultural Sidenote. Anyway, we drove right past the houses and gardens and right into Tourism Central.

The Grünes Gewölbe was more opulent than I´d expected, but also as uninteresting. Fortunately, the guided tour only lasted an hour, and then we were free! Matze was takin ga group to a cafe, but somehow the group disintegrated, so I went for a walk instead. I found a whole lot of nothing, plus the college for environmental design and a St. Bernard.

on the way to Dresden, we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (“Hochzeit auf Deutsch,” for those of you who care). It nearly killed the Greeks and Turk (and Izabela, who thought it was a huge waste of film). Annnnnd, more wonderful news: I found WINDMILLS! Lots and lots and lots of them! I took pictures. Izabela laughed.