Positively (negatively?) nothing interesting happened otday. Exceppptptpttttt that with much pomp, circumstnace, and drama, I picked 3 classes for next year! German Culture and Composition, Music of Western Civilization, and Advanced Beginning Riding. Unfortunately, my environment/hiking course was closed–I have no clue how.

Anyway. Class was full of hangovers–not mine– and Brigitte´s ridiculous ideas of “education”. We postponed the test (we take one every week) til Monday, so we could watch more of the movie. We still didn´t finish it.

So what did I do for the 5 hours between the end of class and now? Absolutely Nothing. Well, actually, 95% consisted of worrying about registration. THe other 5% was spent walking and calling home.

I enjoy it when tourists think I´m German  and try to test their speaking skills on me. It makes me laugh.

Last night, I finally did something to make my day worth the oxygen it cost me: Carlotta, Christina, Izabela , and I went to a Häagen-Dazs cafe (you can´t imagine the amazingness–or the expensiveness). I had iced chocolate (without ice–beverage venders here consistently lie about this fact), which is apparently commonplace in europe (at least in Poland and Hungary–not in Italy), although I had never herad of it.  When we got home, we were so hyped up on large amounts of sugar that we stayed up until–whoops–1 AM.