We spent a large chunk of class today discussing architecture. I don´t mean in a cultural context–I mean that we were given a picture of a building, and we had to describe it to the class “using architect´s vocabulary”. I´m sorry, did I stumble upon the little-known Goethe-Institut German+Technical Drafting course? My mistake. I was looking for the Goethe-Institut German+Relevance course. I apologize.

AFter lunch, Izabela and I went in search of a post office. Turns out it#s in a buildling you can see from the lobby of our hotel. And there´s a big yellow flag on top that says “Deutsche Postbank”. Awesome. That did wonders for our self-esteem. How it took us a week to find that, I still don´t know. The point is, your postcards are on their way. Unless your name starts with F and ends with Ather Sandlin. In that case, give it til Sunday.

In afternoon class (after consuming slabs of mushy vegetable matter, which Aletto inexplicably calls “Chinese Food”, we were dividd into groups and let loose in Potsdamer Platz with a list of about 20 buildings in the area. The assignment: find out who built each building and why. Right. Let me get on that.

About an hour before class ended, Sabrina interjected, “I have to buy-a shoes-a for the salsa dancing-a” (Yes, she´s Italian, and yes, they really do talk like that. At least, some of them). So we packed away our scholar hats and went shoe shopping. Whoopee.

When we returned, it was tim efor me to go to my seminar for the day: an exhibit at the Jewish Museum about stereotypes. Saw a vamped-up version of “If I Were a Rich Man”, the video “Black KKK”, took a prejudice test.. all in all, quite an interesting exhibit. However, I was the only one that thought so. In fact, I was the only student that came to the seminar. So it was just Matze (the RA-chaperone-person) and me, putzing around. I got a crash course in German party politics, Matze´s christmas tradition (he watches The life of Brianwith  friends–don´t even get me started on blasphemy), and Dresden.

Then I came home and gorged myself on blackberries. now THERE´S something to celebrate.