Good news: class was entertaining! Wetook turns reading our descriptions of statues from yesterday,  and classmates had to act out what people described.  Then we started a movie called “Comedian Harmonists”. We started it last year in German, but Frau kept skipping scenes, so we never really knew what was going on .It´s about a singing group in the 20s that are insanely popular, but then get banned becuse they´re Jewish. If I could understand it, I would be thoroughly enjoyign it, Ißm sure.

Aftr class, I came back here and–whoops–fell asleep for 2 hours. ´Twas glorious. Especially since it´s finally not boiling hot outside (and therefore, inside) so It´s actually possible to sleep sometimes. On a bed (THe floor is much cooler).

Then I went to my produce stand and bought a peach the size of Manhattan, and a handful of apricots to boot. Izabela thought that I didn´t know the difference between a peach and an apricot. I was insulted.

After supper, a big group (myself included) went to the Reichstag (Capitol Hill, German style) to stand in a line as long as the Gaza Strip. That part was a pain, but once you´re through the line, you go up into this huge glass dome a la Willy Wonka, from which you can see EVERYTHING: We stayed up there for over an hour, and I made some rather nice imitations of artistic photos.

Speaking of which…

When I got back, Izabela informed me that she had been experimenting with the lighting in our room, and she wanted to test out her ersatz photo studio with me. After the first half-hour of “Ok, now twirl your hair. Look at your hand. No, face toward your hnad, then look at me. Perfect. No, wait…” I was just about over it. One more reason not to be a model.