2 hours of gallivanting this morning. Got myself lost again (twice, actually) and found very little in the way of Things that Interest Me.

Having searched fruitlessly for a bookstore, I had just turned to go home when, lo and behold, the heavens opened, and church bells rang! Now, churches with bells, as it happens, tend to have Interesting Architecture, something that is Of Great Interest to me.

I followed the sound, breaking quite a few laws of pedestrians in traffic as I went, and–bam!–it was the Marienkirche! (That´s where Fr. Sandlin´s friend conducts the evening services, for those of you who haven´t been paying attention.) Anyway, I decided to come back later for photo-ops. So now I´m here in the hotel courtyard, surrounded by second-hand smoke and Italians (in this case, correlation=causation).

19.33 Went to Sanssouci (on the ICE!). It was very french, so as you can imagine, I was unenthused. Matilde, on the other hand…

it was pretty, but it was also hot, and I could think of better places to be. Like Juneau. There was no room on the first level of the train on the way back, so we went to the 2nd floor. The ticket-checker-lady (Kontrolle?) then told us, “This is 1st class. Either go downstairs or pay 3 euros.” Mind you, the compartment had been COMPLETELY empty before we had come in, so it wasn´t like the snobbish few with 3 euros to their name were being crowded out of their birth-right.  Once I realized there were no seats downstairs, I considered pointing this out to her, but decided that aggravating my only source of transportation was probably not the way to go. I also decided against suggesting that they investigate the lack of contrast between 1 and 2nd class. Honestly, 3 euros? So not worth it.

And now, A Small Request.

After this trip, I have to write an article for Das Rundschreiben, the German Teachers´Association newsletter. I read the last 4 years´worth of SOTY articles, and in all honesty, they´re terrible. So I´m going to go out on a limb here and–WHOA–try to make it interesting. What a concept. What I need from you is ideas on how to go about this. Obviously, it´s impossible to sum up 3 weeks of German-speaking, roll-eating, photo-taking  madness in 2 pages or less. So put on your thinking caps (I want to see you tie those strings tight) and help me out. Thanks a bunch!