Yes, I wintnessed the polar bear celebrity in all his swimming, carrot-eating (is that natural?) glory. Not to mention seals, penguins, zebras, a hippo, and a particularly dejected-looking panda. Noah´s ark´s got nothing on this. or maybe he´s got EVERYTHING on it–depends how you look at it.

I really wish I didn´t enjoy zoos, since it´s hard to vouch for them in terms of anything other than entertainment. I mean, for all their talk about the “conversation of endangered and at´risk species”, let´s face it–a single panda, living alone in a poorly´´constructed, unrealistic “habitat”, eating an unnatural vegetable diet (contrary to popular belief, pandas ARE carnivorous) is NEVER going to make babz pandas to repopulate china. period. But darn it, if they don´t want to live in captivity, then shouldn´t be so darn cute!

Anyway, before visiting the zoo (where I had to work very hard to convince myself that no, I do not need polar bear patterned socks) we went to the Berlin Technik-Museum. It´s 4 floors of hands-on sciencey awesomeness; in fact, it was so awesome that on more than one occasion I found myself thanking Ms. Newton (and Mr. Isaac Newton, while I´m at it) for teaching me physics. My only regret is that they didn´t have a theremin–although they did have some sculptures that produce sound on the same EM principles I discovered that I am, in fact, a bit nearsighted, that fast´moving black and white particles an make you see colors (hence color TV early on), and I plazed friction games with a heat camera.

Alas, I have not yet mustered (no, not mustard) up the energy to go downtown and buy my book. But I did get organic, delicious (albeit tepid), fair-trade apple-mango juice at the Bioladen today.

I also called my people! And mom told me to go for a walk. I, being the obedient daughter that I am, took off down Mehringdammstraße to see what adventures it would bring me. 20 minutes later, I was hopelessly lost, surrounded by graffiti, broken glass, empty wine bottles, and no human beings, unless they were in hiding. HOwever, I found:

1. A really interestingly-shaped theater covered with posters advertising upcoming concerts by Celtic Woman and the Dubliners–in October. Oh, agony!

2. An athletic (read: “fußball”) field named for a woman born on my birthday (no, it wasn´t me) who, as it happens, was a shotput champion. Who´da thunk? Then she came to NYC and got murdered.

3. A building (or, more exactly, a wall) from BEFORE !)$(–whoa dang, bet you didn´t know that capslock applies to numbers, too!–what I mean to say is BEFORE 1948 (wait, Germany was around then?). It was part of the old Berlin train station, left as a memorial to the 50,000 Jews shipped out of that station during the Holocaust.

Lots of happy goings-on in the world of sightseeing today, no?

I wandered aimlessly for some time, hoping to recognize something. Next thing I knew, I was at Checkpoint Charlie–I didn´t even know that was within walking distance! Anyway, I do know my way from CC to the CC U-Bahn station, so one short train ride later, I was in my sauna of a bedroom, knitting and watching a documentary about particularly short and fat people. Really.