I went to a bar!

Now, if zou thought I drank there, then please hit the back button on zour browser. Zou don´t deserve to finish reading this post.

If zou have faith in zour little katechen, read on. It´s supposedlz an alternative art museum-bar combo, b-c in germanz zou can have stuff like that. Since I enjoz neither beer nor art, I went ONLZ because mz friend Fannz (hold the buttßjokes, please) asked me to It was in fact, more graffitti than art, although it advertised some performance art exhibition tzpe things. It was reallz crowded so we went next door to Studio 54 for drinks (bitter lemon, thank zou verz much). But we returned so Fannz could have her blessed cigarett (or 5), and I inhaled so much 2nd hand smoke that I´m taking the daz off from societz todaz so I can recover.

Reasons I enjoz international peopleÖ

1. the lovelz accents

2. Picking anas brain about food )she gave me her brigadeiros recipe!)

3. Grilling fannz about belgian universities

4. The fact that in anz given conversation, zou know that NO ONE is understanding more than 80% of what´s said.

5= trading our opinions of each others- nationatlities (I convinced 2 ppl todaz that not ALL americans are stupid)

now… mz circle of friendsies )in the words of Grace), stunted though it is bz number 4 aboveÖ

1. Isabelle-polish-roomie

2. ana-Brazil

3. Matilde- paris

4) Franny-Belgium

I have a confession to make: I didn´t eat a hardroll at supper today.

Schedule of classes: Mo-Fr 9.30 til 1.00
in addition to above, Tues 2.45-4, Thurs 2.45-4:45

For our afternoon class todaz, we went to an exchibit called The Storz of Berlin. It WOULD have been interesting, but <i have a bone to pick with the goetheßinstitut: thez gave us a worksheet. So we couldn´ßt socak it in– and it was a verz interesting museum, set up like zoure reallz there. Like, for Kristallnacht, thez reconstructed a broken window lwith Jude painted on it, and behind the window ()its boarded up) zou can hear glass being swept up.

This museum also has a real-life bomb shelter built in the 70s, which would have housed over 3,000 people. you can onlz go in on a scheduled tour, so we planned to go at 5:00. But at 4:55, Fannz HAD to have her cigarette (I swear, these people…they literallz don´t even get out the door of the building before they open mouth, insert cancerstick)., so we arrived at 5:02. The group had alreadz left and although we found the shelter and knocked on the door, no one answered. So we went home. And then today, I realized that not onlz had we missed the bomb shelter tour, but because we were AT the bomb shelter at 5, we missed the chance to go see the Siegesäule (a tall monument that zou can go up and see stuff from).

DISCLAIMER: I don´t want to get any flack about grammatical mistakes. NONE. I type at the speed of lightning on here, and trust me, I´m seeing everz mistake I make. But I´m not taking the tim to fix it, because it costs money. Oh, I found the euro sign key, but I can´t figure out how to make it type. THere are two shift buttons, and neither one seems to work.