I have eaten 6 separate meals in Berlin on 6 separate occasions. On these 6 separate occasions, I have consumed 6 separate hard rolls. Sometimes with cheese, sometimes with butter, sometimes with honey–it doesn´t matter. The point is, these people are obsessed with hard rolls. At this point, mz jawache is worse than mz jetlag–and that´s sazing something.

Especiallz considering the girls that were first in the courtyard, laughing at full volume (and forcing me to shut the window), then running and screaming in the halls–AT MIDNIGHT. Fortunately, I heard the next morning that they were zelled at in several languages, Russian and Portugese included. Not sure it did much good, since they were from England.

We did this activitz in mz class where we had to interview a random student from our class. I got Charles –pronounced “shall”, rhzmes with “ball”– from Paris. An aspiring mathematician with no ambition. Anzwaz, we had to make up a “wwyd” situation, and mz question was “what would zou do if zou noticed zour roomie was stealing from other people?” His answer–eventuallz–was that he´d talk to him but not get the popos (no, he did not say popo–a team of butts would not be likely to help him here) involved. his initial answer, however, was “oh, I know mz roommate wouldn´t do that.” Congratulations. Was that the question?  Did I saz, ” zou know that guz with whom zou can hardlz communicate, whom zou´ve known for MAZBE 12 hours? Analzye his moral character for me. Right now. GO. And if zou think he might be guilty, he´ll be dead before sunset.” NO.

his question for me was inevitable, although I had hoped it would wait: “what do zou think about obama?” Oh dear. Anzwaz, I survived with mz diplomacz intact. Oh, obama´s giving a speech at the siegesäule on Thursdaz, and I´m planning to go. Regardless of whether i´m dafür oder dagegen (for or against), it´s the dutz of any avid John Lenlez (sp) fan to go.

big news: fresh fruit in the cafeteria todaz. Here we were in Julz, living on fruit cocktail and “orange juice” wehich is actuallz tang. ew. Anzwaz, todaz I had balsamic tomatoes, cucumbers with dill, and grapes, which, I discovered the hard waz, have seeds.

Pointless class, once again–I think it would have been beter if I had understood SOMETHING:. Finished an extremelz vboring video about the historz of berlin.