I´m about to say something nice about France. The terminal todaz smelled of sourdough. not entirelz sure taht´s a good thing, but it was nice.

excuse tzpos. kezboard  is wierd.

Things I like about planes

1. the food. zes, reallz. where else can zou take zour pain au chocolat out of its plastic wrapper and dip it into–is it coffee creamer`? no, it´s a 3-gram pack of unflavored zogurt. for dipping`? apparently.

2. Friendlz airline passenger neighbors from Düsseldorf

3. The fact taht Reisende Rolf–or at least, his humble beginnings–passed through securitz TWICE!

4. watching Friends in portugese, just b-c I can.


Things I do not like about airplanes

1. Rattling machinerz at elevation of 30,000 ft.

2. The waz thez make zou walk through 1st class after a verz long, sleepless overnight flight, as if to saz ” here, look at the luxury zou DIDNT have.”

3. when, at 1:00, the marquee for mz flight sazs “plane on time. Boarding will begin at 12.40.” Here´s zour sign.

Mz roomie is from Poland and is named Isabelle. The rest of her name is humanly impossible to pronounce, let alone spell.

Ok so I needed help finding the bus at the airport, so I went up to a woman and said “Entschuldigen Sie bitte, wie komme ich zu Flughaven Bus 109?” and she replies, “um, sorry–eh?” with a lovely irish accent. So much for that. The next ppl I asked for help (in the u-bahn station) spoke spanish. Sigh…but the man (carrying 2 suitcases marked “high security”–the father of our seminarian, perhaps`?) spoke some english, so he helped me, and then they went and got me a map of the u-bahn szstem without mz asking them. how kind.

Went to the biergarten to get to know each other. isabelle and I ordered Bitter Lemon (the straightedge version of hard lemonade, I suppose), which the ppl sitting acorss from us (a girl from italy and a guz from danemark) proceeded to mistake for their beer and they began to drink it. Thez were quite embarassed when we cleared taht up.

Did zou know that in Poland, zou can´t drink tap water? Mz roomie thought I was crayz wehn I suggested it. We asked the hotel staff, and it´s save here. Good thing–I´d alreadz done it. If I end up dead, zou know why.